Beautiful Ballet Class Music

The most anticipated ballet class album ‘Beautiful Ballet Class Music’ is now available and ready to download instantly to your device. Tracks are all beautifully and uniquely played and arranged for ballet class by Christopher N. Hobson and include music from nearly every genre possible including classical, pop, jazz, musical theatre and cinema. 

Track Listing: 

1. Warm Up (You Make Me Feel)
2. Plié 1 (Chi Mai)
3. Plié 2 (Game of Thrones Theme)
4. Slow Battement Tendu (Black Hills of Dakota)
5. Battement Tendu (Broadway Baby)
6. Glisse / Dégagé (You Could Drive A Person Crazy)
7. Rond De Jamie a Terre (Once Upon A December)
8. Battement Frappe (I Don’t Like Mondays)
9. Fondu (Empty Chairs)
10. Adage (Tears In Heaven)
11. Developpe (My Grandfather’s Clock)
12. Grand Battement (Theme from Thunderbirds)
13. Grand Battement En Cloche (Delilah)
14. Stretch (La Valse D’Amelie)

15. Port De Bras (I Won’t Give Up)
16. Adage (Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia)
17. Battement Tendu (Left Bank Two)
18. Grand Battement (Theme from Sherlock)
19. Pirouette (Theme from Up)
20. Jumps 1 (Get Happy)
21. Jumps 2 (I Got The Sun In The Morning)
22. Jumps 3 (George Valentin’)
23. Petit Allegro 1 (Mon Vieux Est Jaloux)
24. Petit Allegro 2 (Practically Perfect)
25. Medium Allegro 1 (Tradition)
26. Medium Allegro 2 (My Favourite Mix)
27. Grand Allegro 1 (Geschichten Aus Dem Weiner Wald)
28. Grand Allegro 2 (Piano Man)
29. Coda (Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious)
30. Cool Down and Reverence (Life On Mars)