Modern Ballet Studio Melodies Albums

Find below a list of all albums recorded by Christopher N. Hobson under the 'Modern Ballet Studio Melodies' series. Find links to purchase via iTunes and other online retailers, listen to samples and find music for every single class you teach - regardless of age or ability.

Modern Ballet Studio Melodies Volume 1, providing new, modern and inspiring melodies for your ballet class.

Modern Ballet Studio Melodies Volume 2, more inspirational and uplifting melodies to compliment your full ballet class.

Modern Ballet Studio Melodies Volume 3, continuing to provide fun, interesting, inspirational and alternative music choies to compliment your full ballet class.

Modern Ballet Studio Melodies - Sounds of Christmas. Providing beautifully arranged well loved Christmas and Holiday melodies, uniquely arranged and played for ballet class by Christopher Hobson...available to buy on iTunes NOW.

After a break of nearly 2 years, Modern Ballet Studio Melodies returns with Volume 4. With our most eclectic and versatile selection of beautiful melodies to date - we believe this release will be a 'must have' addition to any teachers collection.

This latest release contains 36 tracks and over 77 minutes worth of music from shows such as Les Misérables, Chicago, South Pacific, West Side Story and Grease to name but a few - all uniquely and expertly arranged and played for your ballet class by Christopher N. Hobson.

After 12 months, Christopher Hobson is back with his latest release, Modern Ballet Studio Melodies, Volume 5. This release continues to provide all the beautiful melodies from your favourite genres, beautifully played and expertly arranged.

Original Ballet Compositions provides you with 32 uniquely composed and played tracks by Christopher N Hobson. Each track has been carefully considered harmonically, melodically, texturally and rhythmically to provide exactly the correct support for your full ballet class.

30 tracks - 79 minutes and 56 seconds ..... Volume 6 features everything you expect from the Modern Ballet Studio Melodies series.

More Sounds of Christmas is the perfect release to accompany your festive ballet classes.

The Classical Class has been inspired by Chris' recent work; Incorporating beautiful music from Rachmaninov, Schumann, Grieg, Minkus, Delibes, Satie, Malcom Arnold and many more - this CD will bring the joy of classical piano music, ballet, symphonies, concertos and operetta into your ballet stud

Modern Ballet Studio Melodies, Volume 7

Christopher Hobson returns with his first 'compilation' album of 2015 - VOLUME 7 bring you everything you'd expect - and something you may not!

The latest in the ‘Modern Ballet Studio Melodies’ collection is finally here! Volume 8 features many exciting and innovative additions for ballet class with music inspired from nearly every genre including classical ballet, pop, musical theatre, ballet and jazz.

From Stage and Screen takes you to a whole new world of inspiration! With melodies taken from all genres of musicals and cinema, this latest release from Christopher Hobson guarantees to provide you and your students with hours of enjoyment.

The most anticipated ballet class album ‘Beautiful Ballet Class Music’ is now available and ready to download instantly to your device. Tracks are all beautifully and uniquely played and arranged for ballet class by Christopher N.