Modern Ballet Studio Melodies, Volume 8

The latest in the ‘Modern Ballet Studio Melodies’ collection is finally here! Volume 8 features many exciting and innovative additions for ballet class with music inspired from nearly every genre including classical ballet, pop, musical theatre, ballet and jazz. This CD is already receiving immensely popular feedback from ballet class teachers and students alike and is sure to be another ‘must have’ in your collection.

Track Listing: 

1. Warm Up (Stormy Weather)
2. Plié 1 (If I Never Knew You)
3. Plié 2 (Stereophonics Medley)
4. Slow Battement Tendu (Stairway To Paradise)
5. Battement Tendu (I Wish)
6. Glisse / Dégagé (The High Road To Linton)
7. Rond De Jamie a Terre (The Godfather Waltz)
8. Battement Frappe (The Big Country)
9. Rond De Jambe En L’Air (Feed The Birds)
10. Fondu (Far From The Home I Love)
11. Adage (That’s What Friends Are For)
12. Developpe (Neil Gow’s Lament)
13. Grand Battement (The Liberty Bell)
14. Grand Battement En Cloche (Gaston)
15. Stretch (Everybody Hurts)

16. Port De Bras (Theme from Edward Scissorhands)
17. Adage (Love Theme / A Time For Us)
18. Battement Tendu (On Broadway)
19. Grand Battement (Theme from Star Trek The Next Generation)
20. Pirouette (The Phone Call)
21. Jumps 1 (Springtime For Hitler)
22. Jumps 2 (Theme from Super Mario Bros.)
23. Jumps 3 (Puttin’ On The Ritz)
24. Jumps 4 (Theme from Bod)
25. Petit Allegro 1 (Always True To You)
26. Petit Allegro 2 (Reel Medley)
27. Medium Allegro (Tarantella from Etudes)
28. Grand Allegro (Geschichten Aus Dem Weiner Wald)
29. Coda (Be Our Guest)
30. Cool Down and Reverence (Theme from Free Willy)