Inspirational Ballet Class Music - From Stage and Screen

From Stage and Screen takes you to a whole new world of inspiration! With melodies taken from all genres of musicals and cinema, this latest release from Christopher Hobson guarantees to provide you and your students with hours of enjoyment.

Track Listing: 

1. Warm Up (Audition - The Fools Who Dream)
2. Plié 1 (A Whole New World)
3. Plié 2 (The Music Of The Night)
4. Slow Battement Tendu (Theme from Mr. Benn)
5. Battement Tendu (Theme from Paddington Bear)
6. Glisse / Dégagé (Ma Nah Ma Nah)
7. Rond De Jamie a Terre (Gus The Theatre Cat)
8. Battement Frappe (Wherever He Ain’t)
9. Rond De Jambe En L’Air (Close Every Door)
10. Fondu (Love Theme from The Godfather)
11. Adage (Theme from Schindler’s List)
12. Developpe (Sunrise, Sunset)
13. Grand Battement (Theme from James Bond)
14. Grand Battement En Cloche (A Wonderful Guy)
15. Stretch (Kissing You)

16. Port De Bras (Gabriel’s Oboe)
17. Adage (Theme from Lawrence of Arabia)
18. Battement Tendu (Chicago Medley)
19. Grand Battement (Berwick Green)
20. Pirouette (Itsumo Nando from Spirited Away)
21. Jumps 1 (Theme from Sesame Street)
22. Jumps 2 (A Spoonful Of Sugar)
23. Jumps 3 (Hey! Let’s Go)
24. Jumps 4 (I Wanna Be A Producer)
25. Petit Allegro 1 (Under The Sea)
26. Medium Allegro (That’s Amore)
27. Grand Allegro (Grand Allegro Medley)
28. Coda (Coda Medley)
29. Cool Down and Reverence (Smile)