Summer 2015

Monty the Dog had a hair cut this week (the bow wasn't put on him by me, it was the ladies at the puppy parlour - honestly!!!)

Summer is nearly here!

My latest CD - THE CLASSICAL CLASS - is now available to download / listen too / use from your favourite download sites (hopefully legal ... please!). This is the first fully classical CD I have ever done - inspiration mostly taken from my work @ Elmhurst - using my biggest and broadest classical repertoire choices for recent assessment and open ballet appraisal classes. I decided that it would probably be a really nice and interesting CD. So here it is - please check it out on itunes if you're that way inclined:

MODERN BALLET STUDIO MELODIES is now 6 years old - unbelieveable! Currently 11 CDs have been released (wow!) which works out at practically 1 every 5.68 months (apparently!). With the release of THE CLASSICAL CLASS I have treated myself to a whole heap of new reording gear including the star of the show (geek alert!) a beautiful Roland RD800 keyboard the doing the bulk of the recording work. I have currently finished planning and testing the repertoire for VOLUME 7 (to be released within a couple of months) so you'll all hear the work of my new studio on that CD! (geeky but true!).

Since I last wrote in April - I've still got Monty the dog! He's brilliant (see photo!) and a great distraction from ballet studios and for sitting at home doing basically nothing with my evenings except having the odd drink and focusing even more on work. Walking anywhere between 5 & 10 miles on a normal dayis great exercise for me, clears my head of all the crap and I think actually allows me to be more creatie. That's the way I'm thinking about it anyway!

Summer is going to be ridiculously busy with Ceilidh wedding gigs (Triple Scotch Ceilidh band - check them out - bloody awesome band), summer proms concerts (with the English National orchestra) and summer schools (check out OPES). It promises to be a busy old time but lots of fun. Hopefully by then i'll have VOLUME 7 released.

Keep tuned in for more details. Chris